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What Is A Cornerback? (CB)

american football cornerbacks defense football 101 football terminology football training Mar 11, 2024

The cornerback is a position that plays in the defensive backfield. 

The role of the cornerback can be broken down into two roles:

1) Pass coverage: 

This is the responsibility most associated with cornerbacks. They are the players lined up over the WRs and their job is to deny the receivers from catching the football. They can play either man or zone coverage. We cover both in our defensive sections of "Everything You Need To Know About Football".

2) Run coverage:

In run coverage, cornerbacks are responsible for containing the outside and not allowing runs to break up the sideline. In football, most of the big plays a defense gives up are along the sidelines. The reason most big plays happen close to the sidelines is because the help from your teammates is towards the middle of the field, so if you allow the offensive player to get outside you and close to the sidelines, you won't receive any help from your teammates as a cornerback. Their role is to make sure run plays stay inside where their teammates can help them. 

There are two cornerbacks on the field and are typically responsible for defending receivers.

They are typically lined up on the outside of a defense.

Players known for playing cornerback include Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, and Jalen Ramsey.

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