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american football football 101 football training Mar 21, 2024

Calling All Coaches! Make sure you get ahead this offseason!


We have just launched our new team pricing! Get access for 30 players at just $30/month. Your team can gain access to over 200 real-life football concepts broken down in the Madden video game. That comes out to just $1/month to train each athlete, that's cheaper than a burger at your favorite fast food chain!


How does the training work? Let's start with a brief history lesson.

When Trip Hawkins, founder of EA Sports, first founded the company, he needed a face to help sell his new football video game. He approached several key football figures including the likes of Joe Montana. All of them declined the opportunity as gaming wasn't seen as a major industry at that time. Then Trip Hawkins approached John Madden.


At the time, Madden was a coach, former player, broadcaster, and taught a football course at Cal Berkeley. His mission was to help educate people about the game of football to help it grow in popularity.


When EA Sports approached John Madden about using his likeness for the video game, Madden had one stipulation. The original version of the video game was intended to be a 7-on-7 game instead of 11-on-11. John Madden said that EA Sports could use his likeness as long as the video game was 11-on-11. The reason is, fans could start to understand the game of football better if they could practice play calling, simulate scenarios, and run actual football plays in the video game. The inception of the Madden video game we know today started because John Madden wanted to use it as an educational tool for the next generation of football fans. Today, we've found a way to bring that dream to life!


  1. We use colorful play arts, graphics, and unique camera angles from the video game to help break down real-life football concepts.
  2. Athletes will watch the breakdowns and treat them like a film study "It should take 30-60 minutes monthly"
  3. Once they watch the breakdowns, they can practice them, themselves whenever they load into the virtual gridiron. Getting 11-on-11 reps can be difficult in the offseason, this way athletes can use the game to practice real-life 11-on-11 concepts.
  4. Now when they hit the real-life gridiron, they will be more mentally prepared and have a better understanding of the concepts coaches are trying to teach them
  5. This method is fun, engaging, and meets the next generation of athletes where they're at! You can test out our courses for free to gain a better understanding of how they work: FREE COURSE


Important note: Our courses are created based on feedback! If there are concepts we're missing or can improve on, let us know! We want your athletes to be the smartest, most prepared athletes on the field! You can leave feedback at the bottom of the homepage on our website or email us at [email protected].


Let's level up your teams' football IQ and get ahead of the competition this offseason!

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